Explicit review about the official Converse store


Converse history started in 1908 and by now this company is a well-known brand all over the world. It became extremely famous after introducing Converse All Star model — light and comfortable shoes for basketball players that appeared in the early 1920s. However, not only sportsmen enjoy these sneakers. Converse shoes became the most popular casual footwear for numerous teenagers, young men and women, and loyal fans.

Pros and cons of this footwear

  • The shoes are breathable and comfortable
  • Lots of different models and patterns are available
  • You can personalize the sneakers just like you want


  • There are some complaints about the quality of specific models
  • Not all countries are presented in the online store

What Nike does here

In 2003, the company became a part of Nike and now you can buy Converse sneakers in some online and offline Nike shops. The official website is a part of the Nike brand too, and we are going to describe more about how it works and which features offers.

Which things you can see and do in the Converse store

Converse website is the best starting point for those who decided to buy a new pair of sneakers. There are many different online shops that sell Converse but only the official store is the one you can rely on. Unfortunately, there are too many fakes all over the web, so be sure you are buying authentic products.

The store has everything a buyer may need. You will find a great list of Converse for women and men, various models and colors, styles and types. In order to find the ones you need, use the filters. For example, you can choose Converse for men, then review the best sellers or the classic sneakers, see the full list of High or Low top shoes, look through the new models or check all the discounted products.

But the filters let you achieve even more. After you select the needed website section, you will be able to choose your size, the preferable color, your favorite collection, material or other features.

How to buy a pair of shoes from the Converse store

Already found your perfect match? There are a few steps you need to complete now:


  • Choose your size — use the guide if you have some doubts;
  • Click Add to cart button and then Go to checkout;
  • Select your shipping method and address;
  • Fill the payer’s information;
  • Check if everything is filled correctly;
  • Go to the payment provider’s side to finish the transaction.

Almost ready! Now you need to wait a few days to get your pair. And while you are waiting, do not hesitate to look through the list of available models again in order to find something interesting for the next purchase. There are so many treasures on the website! The fan-favorite one is the ability to design the footwear by yourself changing the color, pattern, material and style. Also, there is a huge collection of Converse for kids. Some of them are inspired by famous characters from cartoons, comics or movies and are popular among people of all ages.