Hertz rent a car opportunity – all PROS and CONS of the rental service


Car rental services are very popular around the world. One of the companies that provide different transportation kinds is the USA-based one that is called Hertz. Rent a car is the fast and easy process with the help of the website and online options this organization provides the consumers with.

The key feature of the company is it's global operating. It is possible to reserve some transport of interest in 150 countries. All available locations are performed on the official website. Additionally, the company provides useful services, takes part in different events and operates the blog about transportation and equipment.

Hertz rent a car options online – the website peculiarities

It is necessary to choose the location to start searching for the needful vehicle. Customer support also is related to the region of the potential client. The separate category “Locations” is presented on the upper-based panel. All 150 countries and cities are performed here. According to the chosen location, the consumer is offered the contacts of the company (email and phone number as well). For example, if there is a necessity to hire the transportation unit in the USA, the region should be appropriate.

The service range includes not only the passenger units order but the truck rental and other options. All the capabilities are stored in the category “Vehicle Guide”. The Hertz used cars are carefully checked – all the technical characteristics are visible right after vehicle photo. The user needs only to tick the “Vehicle Details” button. All the transportation could be sorted according to their types:

  • Standard ones – the most popular list of vehicles;
  • Estate – the quantity of cars is not big;
  • 4W / SUV / People carriers – the comfortable variants for different occasions and transformational aims;
  • Special – Hertz equipment rental bead-roll;
  • Promotional – Hertz car sales are available here;
  • Model guaranteed – the certified ones to select.

The special offers

Most of the users aspire to get the budgetary variant and try to find the good price-quality ratio. The separate category on the main page of the site is devoted right to Hertz auto sales. Offers could vary because of the chosen location – while one variant is available, another one could not be accessible in that region. The actual Hertz rental car sales could be checked on the website.

The holders of Master Card plastic have special privileges. The summer promotion for MasterCard cardholders has been already started. Details are performed also on the site. One bank that has a partnership with the American car rental company is American Express. Owners of such plastic cards are able to count on bonuses too.

According to the users’ feedback, the auto park is comfortable. The expectations meet with the reality that is a pleasant fact for consumers. To see the full list of available capabilities it is needful to choose “Products & Service” category and tick the necessary topic.