Explicit review about Expedia: pros, cons and features


Meet Expedia: hotels, flights and car rental service that stands out on the traveling market. Whether you plan a new trip with family or friends, going to visit new places or just needs some rental services in your hometown, you are welcome to try its amazing features. There are numerous Expedia reviews you may found in the network, and most of them are positive. It is not a surprise at all, this website is well-known and trustworthy, it has awesome rewards for loyalty and is easy to use.

The main thing you need to know about Expedia is its reward program. Once you register, you get the first level and start earning points while booking or renting. Each mile you will travel after booking a flight on Expedia, each day you spend in a hotel and each car you got will bring you some points you may later exchange on discounts. The more you use this service, the higher discounts and offers you receive. Moreover, there are numerous specials for registered users, so do not hesitate to sign up and see them all.

Pros and cons

  • All range of hotels, motels and apartments for your comfortable stay
  • Great bundles that include flight & hotel or hotel & car rental
  • Many things you can book at once including cruises or excursions
  • The profitable reward program for loyal customers
  • You can’t get price change alert automatically

Expedia flight and car rental services

In addition to hotel booking, there are numerous other services you can buy at once. Choose your starting point, choose the city you want to get to, pick the dates — and here they are, all the best flights you can book right away.

Once your flight is booked, do not close Expedia — car rental services are also available here. The company suggests various car types and service providers, you can also use comprehensive filters to get the best option for you. The most interesting checkbox is customer recommendations that will allow you to find the top-rated rental company easily. Also, you can set your daily budget and filter the search results in order to see the cheapest cars.

If you haven’t decided where to go or where to stay yet, be sure that you have visited Deals section Expedia provides. It includes the most efficient options, specials and offers for travelers with the cheapest hotels and flights. Another great way to save is to book a package that has a flight & hotel inside. Once the most important things are done, visit the Attractions section for the city of destination. Here, you will be able to find the most exciting places to visit or order a guided tour at once.