Full-fledged Rentalcars.com description and review


Rentalcars com is one of the most popular online websites to hire a vehicle. With over 900 leading companies from 60000 locations, this is the best place to compare various providers and find the one that really suits you. Moreover, this service offers the budget car rental that will help you save a bit while getting the same high level of service.

How to use Rentalcars com?

Planning a new trip and want to get a vehicle to make your traveling comfortable and full-filled? Start your journey from the best rental car website. The booking is easy as ABC. You need to choose the location to pick the automobile up and the time you arrive there first. You can select an airport, train station or city center depending on the location you are going to visit. Then, fill the drop-off date and time. If you end your journey in a different place, check the relevant option in the search form and enter the drop-off location too. Also, you can choose Business or Leisure traveling type so the website’s AI will know which vehicles to show you first.

So, you are one step closer to your successful rental car reservation. Now, press Search and check all the options available for your dates. If you are looking for vehicles that are cheap, discount rental cars should be your first choice. Be sure you filtered the list of cars correspondingly. Now, look at the left side of Rentalcars com website — there are numerous additional checkboxes that will help you filter the results and see the most suitable offers. They include but are not limited to payment methods, automobile suppliers, specification, number of seats and so on. The main screen is filled with relevant variants. You may see the short description near each item or you can find out more by clicking View deal button.

Once you choose your perfect vehicle, go to checkout. You will get the electronic voucher immediately, be sure to take it with you to the supplier. Also, driver’s license, passport and credit or debit card you used for the booking is required. With some suppliers that offer budget car rental, online check-in is available.

Pros and cons

  • Numerous suppliers
  • Many covered locations
  • 24/7 support team
  • Strong reputation on the market
  • If something goes wrong with the car supplier, rentalcars.com won’t help you

Rental cars service is not always an easy thing. Different suppliers have specific rules and requirements, not all of them are trustworthy. You are working with an agent that knows nothing about the company you will take an automobile from. That is why some customers claim that they had issues while picking a vehicle up. Still, there are much more happy clients who recommend using this service.