The honest review about shopping in the QVC store


QVC stands for Quality, Value, and Convenience. This company appeared in 1986 in the USA as a shopping center built into your TV set. It features numerous online presentations of various products you can buy anytime. Today, this program is streamed to more than 350 millions of homes not only in North America but in the UK, Japan, Germany, and a few more countries.

QVC shopping is as easy as ABC. You can place an online order or you can call to purchase the item you liked. There are lots of unique products you can see in this store. Moreover, live demonstrations are available for each and everything. So, you don’t need to search for the reviews or explicit descriptions — you can actually see the item in action by yourself.

How to place an order in the QVC store

The easiest way to buy something here is to place an online order at QVC com. The website includes so many products that you may spend long hours looking through the catalog. That makes QVC shopping extremely fun. Each product is reviewed so you are not buying a pig in a poke.

Once you have chosen the right one, just follow the QVC online website’s instructions: add the shipping address and fill the payer’s information. The shipping is pretty quick in most cases, however, some rare customers complain that the order may be delayed. Therefore, we do not recommend you select this company if you need to get something as fast as possible in order to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment.

In all other cases, the best thing about QVC shopping — online purchases made in the most comfortable way. You do not need to get off your couch in order to reach the product from your favorite or some new brand. Everything you can imagine is available at hand.

Pros and cons of QVC shopping


  • New products of selected brands appear in the store faster than even in official shops
  • Many deals and offers make the purchases profitable
  • You can buy a package with several items and save even more
  • Great list of various brands are available at hand


  • Shipping costs an arm and a leg especially if you need the fast delivery
  • The company is available in 7 countries only

The reviews from QVC store customers

Most of the reviews from experienced customers are pretty good. There are many fans of this service who buy often and are always happy with the purchase. Still, taking into account that there are so many people who tried this service at least once, you may find plenty of complaints too. Most of them are connected to the failed or delayed delivery while almost each and every person praises the company’s customer support.