Features, pros and cons of TripAdvisor aggregator


Whether you are looking for hotel reviews, choose the best restaurant for dinner or want to know the trustworthy information about a new coffee shop, TripAdvisor is here at your service. This incredible online aggregator contains numerous reviews, feedbacks and descriptions from millions of real customers who visit this or that place and want to share their experience. This is amazing how many places are reviewed on one website and how many users make their contributions. Seems to be the perfect way to get ready for the new trip, doesn’t it? Let’s try to investigate it deeply to find out whether you can trust this service or not.

All the best sides of TripAdvisor

First, let’s focus on those amazing things that make TripAdvisor unique and outstanding.

  • Both reviews and photographs are posted to TripAdvisor: restaurants menu, interior photographs, prices and the taste of food. This is a real experience of real clients and not just an advertisement from the business owner;
  • Numerous hotels, apartments and venues are listed here, you can be sure that any popular place has at least a few reviews;
  • TripAdvisor for business is also available. The manager or owner can go to the relevant page and post a reply or comment to each and every feedback left. It is a great chance for the business to change the customers’ opinion or at least understand what they are doing wrong and how to fix it;
  • You can book a hotel directly from TripAdvisor. This is also a good chance for owners to advertise their business and pretty easy-to-use function for travelers. However, please note that the company may add some fees to the total, so in most cases, it will be better to book a room directly from the hotel or airline’s website.

Several unpleasant cons of TripAdvisor

And now a fly in the ointment — several things that are wrong about this aggregator.

  • People may be too emotional, so you won’t find a professional description here. There are lots of things that make our experience great. Sometimes even a good or bad mood influence on our opinion. If you see too much excitement or hate, it’s better to ignore this user;
  • Because of the amazing reputation of TripAdvisor, hotels, restaurants and guides are eager to get positive feedback here. Some managers offer discounts in exchange for
  • 5-star mark, others make their staff members post something sweet, and of course, there will be numerous bots everywhere. Site moderators try to remove fake comments and monitor the activity, but it sounds like an impossible task because of the website’s scale.

So, the bottom line. TripAdvisor is a great place to find out more information about a chosen place or to pick the best restaurant or cafe in the new city. Still, do not trust each and every post and take it with a grain of salt.