Roku streaming options - the modern devices and accessories for TV by the leading company


Roku TV is a popular service around the world. The company provides consumers with the modern devices for streaming that makes possible to watch different films, talk-shows and other programs in the good quality and without any limitations. The company is permanently developing and now the offices of the streamers company-supplier are centered not only the USA but in Great Britain and China.

All users could count on the Roku products that are not limited by the streaming players only - the special software, TV models and accessories are available. Most of the helpful information is performed on the website. Here the row of categories is presented for faster navigation.

Roku website capabilities

The upper panel has six main categories to select. The description of the streaming players work is presented here too. All purchasers who are interested in the service could read the articles before buying the products of the company. Other 5 categories are the following:

  1. What to watch - the menu of available channels to buy;
  2. Products - the range of devices and accessories;
  3. Support - the contact information for Roku Smart TV program participants;
  4. Activate a device - the instructions for the users;
  5. Sign in - the menu for the account creation (the email address and password are needed).

The list of the available products contains two players to choose. The most popular is the Roku Express unit. The price for the streaming equipment is average - it is possible to buy tools with 29,99 $ cost or to order more advanced one (Streaming Stick Plus) for 59,99 $ with the capability of exceptional wireless performance. Additionally, the set of accessories is presented for the better operational options - organization cooperates with the top-ranking reseller Exertis.

Additional options to take into account

The company provides all users with a helpful application for pocket screens. Here the information about pricing plans, device activation instructions, and other tips are presented. The website also has a separate category with the list of the most wanted answers. Information about prices, player renaming procedure, and other activities is described here.

Almost each Roku review is devoted to the high-grade streaming quality that consumers like. The positive feedbacks are also concerned about the wide range of channels to buy and the detailed instructions presented in the support sector on the digital platform of the company. The weak side of the company is customer support. It is difficult to contact with the manager and the email letter with an answer or actual solution could be got in a few days only (not within 24 hours, as it was promised). Nevertheless, more and more users decide to try the Roku box for their TV - it means that the service satisfies consumers and the company continues to meet clients' demands.