TurboTax service review – the peculiarities of the software


The TurboTax service range includes the tax calculation tools, the professional consulting and the refunding operations. The main page provides consumers with all helpful information - the navigation is easy due to the separate categories available. TurboTax online program also offers the free-of-charge plan to cope with the taxes calculation and other financial tasks.

The peculiarities of the TurboTax website

It is worth noticing that the software has a machine learning concept and modern design. The cutting-edge technologies are used for the fast optimal result to get. The navigation level was improved with the help of a new approach to the stored data - the necessary information is saved in the software. The users could see, that the key data is sorted and comfortably performed. The safe software storage is available for:

  • Employment information;
  • Personal data;
  • Tax credit information, etc.

Additionally, the machine learning implemented save consumers' time for searching for information and different tasks and calculations completing. The TurboTax intuit questionnaires are developed to reduce the time for navigation and perform consumers only necessary information.

TurboTax customer service (for business representatives and individuals)

It is worth noticing that the website of the company is very comfortable even for newcomers. The main page performs all needful data to start tax credit calculations. In order to try the service, the consumer needs to complete the registration procedure. To login in operation will be completed with the help of the user’s ID card number and personal password mentioning.

Right on the main page of the official site the offer of CPA and EA advisors consulting is presented. While clicking the button “View my options”, the consumer opens the new page with the bead-roll of capabilities and other necessary information. TurboTax reviews about products and the range of service is available right on the main page. But there is an opportunity to read more feedbacks under the pricing plan people selected before and stay (or do not) satisfied with the tax credit services.

Pricing plans to choose

Individuals are able to try a free plan that is offered on the main page. It is possible to file for free the simple tax return documentation. But it could be done only by registered users. More advances live variants cost from 79,99 $ up to 199,99 $. They are:

  1. Basic – simple tax returns plan;
  2. Deluxe – the plane maximizes tax deductions;
  3. Premier – options for investments and rental property;
  4. Self-employed – TurboTax small business plan.

People aspire to get qualitative consulting according to the question of their taxes paid. TurboTax (free and paid software) is one of the efficient tools for users with helpful measuring and data analysis. The software is meant as one of the most comfortable and safe ones that are proven with positive feedbacks.