What is ready to offer the leading hospitality representative – Marriott review


Marriott International is the multinational hospitality company that provides travelers’ worldwide with the all-suite resorts and different lodging offers. Marriott brand is well-known worldwide with its aspire to development and hospitality establishments on each continent exceptionally with modern amenities for the visitors.

Interesting facts

This huge chain was founded by Marriotts family in 1927 – married couple John and Alice began the new story, led off their 1st hotel. Now numbers are breathtaking for sure:

  • The hotel chain obtains more than 30 outstanding brands;
  • More than 7000 properties are opened for visitors around the world;
  • The hotels are situated in more than 130 countries anywhere in the world;
  • Almost 1,2 million rooms are available for guests worldwide ad about 200 thousand ones are intended to develop soon.

Millions of trippers stay at the all-inclusive resorts and other hospitality establishments with high-grade service to feel all the advantages of the world leading and top-ranking lodging provider.

Marriott hotel complete unit – string requirements to hotel rooms

Each traveler is able to choose one of the variants on the official site of the company for his vacation or a following business trip. The full list of offers will be available after the site visitor selects his destination (city to stay in) and the period of his rest in the hospitality establishment. The bead-roll consists of the numerous hospitality brands by Marriott International. All variants are divided into 2 main groups:

  • Luxury;
  • Premium.

There are also few variants for the longer stays – the comfortable resorts for the 7-10 nights and even for longer term. Each hotel is equipped only with the modern amenities and has the fresh design (due to regular renovations). There is a range of extra services to focus attention on:

  • Beauty shops are available;
  • Foreign exchange is taken;
  • Safe deposit boxes and SPA services are also accessible;
  • Business package for comfortable work in the room.

All hotels and resorts obtain 5-stars rating that have a direct impact at the reservation prices. But there is s arrange of special guests’ discounts (Government and military representatives, corporate partners and other ones could count on lower rates). New hospitality establishments are presented in the general list with the orange bright note on the top “NEW”.

Most all travelers’ reviews are positive because among the negative sides are only slow service and high prices. One more evidence of the reliability of this top-rating chain is all Marriott rewards that the company continues to gain each year.