Full review of DYPER Diaper Subscription: features, pros and cons


Each mom and dad knows that planning how many diapers you need to purchase and how much money you should give for them is a disaster. Fortunately, there is an easy-to-use solution — DYPER. This great service allows you to order a bunch of diapers on a monthly basis at a pretty low-priced subscription. In order to start, you just need to register on the website or download a mobile app for iOS or Android.

How DYPER works?

The company is focused on diapers producing and shipping only and seems to know its stuff. Thus and so it’s easy to start and pleasant to use this service. In order to get the first DYPER sample, you will need to perform several easy steps:

  • Register and log in on the website or from the mobile app;
  • Enter your baby’s name and choose his or her size;
  • Check whether the standard pack is enough or add more with a discount;
  • Add wipes (reduced price again) if you need them or just skip this step;
  • Choose the date when your subscription starts;
  • Fill the delivery information;
  • Enter your payer’s data;
  • Check some extras, let’s say diaper bags or baby clothing;
  • That’s it! The estimated delivery time will be shown, and you just need to wait a bit.

What if the standard package won’t work for me?

Each baby is unique and so the pack of diapers should be. Thuswise, if there are too many ones in the standard package, you will be able to send leftovers back. If you run out of them before the end of the month, no problem too. You can use SOS service — and more diapers will be delivered promptly.

Pros and cons of DYPER bamboo diapers

One of the main advantages of this service is the ability to order bamboo diapers — the ones that are based on bamboo fabric. If you haven’t used them before, this pros and cons list will help you decide:


  • Perfect absorption (better in comparison with cotton ones)
  • Hypoallergenic, breathable, pleasant and soft to touch fabric
  • Moisture goes away from your child that helps keep him or her drier
  • Fantastic antibacterial and antimicrobial powers


  • The price is typically higher in comparison with the ones made out of other materials
  • Sometimes bamboo is blended with other non-organic fabrics

What makes DYPER good?

It goes without saying that while choosing a diaper for baby we think about its quality first. The baby’s skin is so sensitive that synthetic materials are totally inappropriate. Therefore, it is so cool that this company uses natural fabric to create the most qualitative and truly safe product.

Also, diapers can be composted at home or with a little help from the relevant third-party company and so they bring no damage to the environment. You can take care of your baby and your planet at the same time.