Detailed review of the Hilton Hotels Family


All travelers and business trip representatives aspire to hotel the best variant for the most comfortable pastime. That is why most trippers would like to stay at the luxury resorts with full-service. The real exemplar and the personification of the most excellent resorts ever are Hilton ones.

This brand is famous worldwide – some people only dream about night in one of the fashionable and attractive establishment referred to the Hilton family, other ones have visited these resorts and are ready to share with their impressions. Here is the brief review of the top rating resort system that is made inspired by true reviews, facts and the personal experience of travelers.

Facts about the leading representative of the hospitality industry

This year is the anniversary one for the founder, Conrad Hilton, who debuted in the hospitality industry in far 1919. One hundred years the respected chain serves the visitors on the high level – now it sounds a well-known title “Hilton” worldwide. This hospitality chain is really huge – the numbers are self-explanatory:

  • More than 570 hospitality establishments by Hilton Hotels brand are successfully host a reception;
  • The all-service resorts are performed in 85 countries;
  • Six continents are swept by the popular hotels chain.

The Hilton Hotels & Resorts chain continues to grow – as the evidence, the official site presents new 13 establishments in different locations in the world. As any representative of the service business, this hospitality chain has own advantages and disadvantages to focus attention on.

Both positive and negative key point to take into account about Hilton Hotels chain

The noticeable advantage of all hospitality establishments is all-service conception. The visitors are able count on the big number of facilities that are included into a price. Even the airport hotels provide the guests with fitness centers, dining rooms, free-smoke areas and suites pet-available.

Other one positive side concerns the variety of the locations where it is possible to stop for one-couple nights. The sport and SPA resorts have additional amenities for the active and calm pastime. Among the exclusive offers are:

  • Request Upon Arrival service (room selection according the consumers’ specifications);
  • Healthy food menus;
  • Sport grounds;
  • Varied SPA options, etc.

Many travelers refuse the opportunity to spend a few days and nights in all these stylish resorts because of the high rates. But the hospitality chain also presents the capability to have rest in their 4-stars variants. But, according the visitors reviews, here the service is much worse. How many men, so many minds – nevertheless, it is the global leader in the hospitality industry.