Verizon Wireless review - the outlook at the top-ranking network provider


The company is meant as the leading American wireless network supplier. This provider is known as the top-ranking one for its qualitative service, various pricing plans, and digital products assortment. It is possible to find the nearest Verizon Wireless store with the help of the shop locator. To do this, website visitor needs:

  •  to type his city or region in the locator search box on the upper panel;
  • to scroll down and choose the Shop Locator section.

The website is notable with its American style in design and fast navigation due to the performed separate categories with helpful information. It is possible to select yourself the suitable package of network services with help of the detailed Verizon Wireless plans description.

Pricing plans review

There is a helpful section for the choosing pricing plan online - the consumer is able to get acquainted with all suggestions while pressing the button “Plans”. Here it is possible to select the quantity of phone lines and then read the description below. The basic plan is Prepaid Unlimited because the rates start at 40 $ per month. Additionally, there are other variants to choose from. The names of the actual ones are the following:

  1. Business unlimited - includes 5 lines in one package to meet all business communication needs;
  2. Above Unlimited - one line costs 95 $ monthly and provides users with unlimited network services;
  3. Beyond Unlimited - the rates schedule with the suitable conditions for streaming and other capabilities to try. The price for 1 line is 85 $ per month;
  4. Be Unlimited - the basic one among the most expensive packages. It includes the most necessary options. Among its key features are free Apple Music access for 6 months, unlimited 4G and the storage data to use, etc.

Family rates schedules are more profitable. When customers buy the package for 4 family members the costs are cut. More information is presented on the website in the “Plans” category.

Digital products assortment

The separate category is devoted to the Verizon Wireless phones catalog. It is possible to buy the new smartphone featured with the high-grade network. That is why the company is interested in corporate with such digital goods manufacturer as LG, Samsung, Apple and another one. The assortment is rather huge while the prices could turn even lower than in some retailer physical shops.

It is worth noticing that all special offers are provided on the website too. The customer has the opportunity to get acquainted with all deals concerned the smartphone in the category “Deals”.

Verizon Wireless customer service

The strong side of the company is the round clock customer service. The live chat is available as the hotline telephone as well. It is possible to consult with the manager according to the optimal service package or the featured telephone to buy.

The positive feedbacks also devoted to the quality of the network the supplier provides. The military special also satisfy clients. But more and more consumers are interested in lower costs to have.