Expert opinion about GoDaddy services and prices


GoDaddy website is one of the most popular services for all who are looking for domain registration. This company is considered to be number one on this market. It is pretty old and stable, has numerous features and numerous plans. A few years ago, it was the only one truly trustworthy service, but today there are so many companies that are buying and selling domains so you should think before choosing GoDaddy. Whether it is still number one? Let’s find out it right now.

If you google buying a domain name, GoDaddy will definitely appear among first search results. It is the only service that has an almost unlimited number of options and names, so any idea that comes to your mind may be real with this service. However, you need to know that the prices are high too, so you won’t be able to find the cheapest option here.

GoDaddy hosting is pretty stable (uptime is 99.97%), the page load is fast (about 500ms). These may not be the best on the market but still, are pretty good and enough. The basic hosting plan includes 100 GB of storage and has no limits on bandwidth. Many additional services you may require or want to get for your website are available at hand too. But almost all of them require additional payments.

GoDaddy charges for lots of things that considered to be free among its competitors. You should note that site migration is paid, SSL certificate will cost you a lot and backups are not available in the basic subscription plan. They offer money back but do not rely on this option. According to GoDaddy website reviews, many customers could not get the refund and wasted a lot of time while talking to the slow and not that good support team.

Pros and cons of GoDaddy

  • The best choice of domain names
  • Unlimited bandwidth and huge storage available for each plan
  • Good uptime and performance
  • Many tools that help run a website successfully
  • Too many additional paid services — almost everything requires more and more money
  • SSL and site migration is not included in the basic plan
  • Renewal prices are higher than the original ones
  • The support team is slow and incompetent

Should I use GoDaddy or not?

So, let’s come to the conclusion and compare the pros and cons of GoDaddy. If you need to find the best domain name for your new project, this service is still the best. The rates may sound a bit too high but the immense list of names you get is worth each and every penny. If you are looking for reliable hosting, you may use this one but it is better to look at competitors because there are many more new companies that offer the same but cheaper.