All you wanted to know about New Balance products


New Balance history started at the beginning of the previous century and for now, the company has an amazing number of loyal fans. It is not surprising as for their shoes are comfortable and durable, stylish and affordable. Some models are iconic and are popular for dozens of years. Want to know why this company is so cool? Follow our review below.

Shoes for any feet

In 1960, the company has presented a revolutionary idea — produce sneakers that fit different feet width. Since then, New Balance shoes distinguish not only by size but by the width type too. For those who always suffered while wearing too tight or too loose-fitting footwear, this thing is ground-breaking. It goes without saying that athletic shoes should be as comfortable as possible but also it is cool to get a pair of same sneakers for casual wearing too. With the New Balance store, it is possible.

The quality of New Balance products

There is a vast list of products you can find in New Balance: dress, shoes, sportswear, jackets, hoodies, tanks, tops and many more. No matter which one you choose, you may be sure that you get a qualitative product. The company has been successfully working for many years, and it guarantees the durability of each and every item.

How to buy New Balance

So, you are fond of New Balance dress or sneakers and are ready to purchase? There are several ways you can do it:

  • Go to the offline shop to check the size, touch and feel the materials, etc;
  • Open the New Balance website and check its vast online catalog;
  • Try to look for this brand in other sporting goods store;
  • Find non-official sites that offer the same products.

Which way is better? Each one has its pros and cons. In a sporting goods shop, you will be able to compare this brand with the competitors but won’t find too many relevant items. In the official store, you may see sneakers for yourself to be sure you are buying the best ones but you will need to get off the couch. Non-official websites may suggest a better price but there is a possibility to purchase fake footwear and so we do not recommend you choose this way. And here comes the official website and it seems to be the most convenient option.

The pros and cons of the New Balance website

  • Amazingly big list of products — each and every model is here
  • Discounts for loyal customers — do not forget to register an account
  • Easy-to-use filters that help find sneakers you really need
  • Only a few steps that lead to the purchase
  • If you are not sure which feet width is suitable for you, it is better to check it in the offline shop. If you already have one or several shoes and know how they fit, it won’t be a problem.